UPDATEMay 31 , 2023

Did you know?

Safari is more that just a browser.

Certainly! Here are some more unique features of Apple Safari browser:

1. Intelligent Tracking Prevention: Safari's built-in privacy feature actively blocks cross-site tracking, providing enhanced protection against advertisers and data collectors.

2. Reader View: With Safari's Reader View, you can enjoy distraction-free reading by removing ads, sidebars, and other clutter from articles, making the content more accessible and enjoyable.

3. iCloud Tabs: Seamlessly sync your browsing experience across multiple Apple devices using iCloud Tabs. Start browsing on your iPhone and continue where you left off on your Mac or iPad.

4. Tab Groups: Safari's Tab Groups feature allows you to organize and manage multiple tabs into groups, making it easier to keep track of different tasks, projects, or topics you're exploring.

5. Web Inspector: Web developers can take advantage of Safari's Web Inspector tool, enabling them to inspect and debug web pages, analyze network activity, and optimize website performance.

6. Energy Efficiency: Safari is known for its energy efficiency, optimizing battery life on macOS and iOS devices, which ensures longer browsing sessions without draining your device's battery rapidly.

7. Picture-in-Picture: Enjoy multitasking with Safari's Picture-in-Picture feature, allowing you to pop out videos from websites into a separate window while you continue to browse or work on other tasks.

8. Privacy Report: Safari's Privacy Report gives you insights into the trackers that have been blocked, highlighting the websites that attempt to track your browsing activity.

9. Safari Extensions: Extend the functionality of Safari with a wide range of extensions available through the Safari Extensions Gallery, allowing you to personalize and enhance your browsing experience.

10. AirPlay Support: Safari supports AirPlay, enabling you to stream web videos, presentations, or other content to your AirPlay-enabled devices like Apple TV or compatible speakers.

These unique features make Safari a powerful and user-friendly browser in the Apple ecosystem.